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I have not been writing at-fucking-all. It sucks, but there is a reason. My computer (with all my writing stuff on it--notes, actual stories themselves, MUSIC OH MY GOD ALL MY MUSIC) managed to acquire some kind of virus, which we took our own sweet time in getting fixed. Apparently the guy doing the fixing now is making progress, which sounds good because although I have all the writing stuff backed up, I DO NOT HAVE MY MUSIC. WHICH IS VITAL IN ME WRITING. I mean, I have some stuff on my mp3 player, but out of the 22 scenes with very specific music that I have planned out for BURN THE DEVIL OUT, I have only 10 songs, and they're scattered all over the place.

I did write a ficlet thing for a mix of music that I made my friend--I need to post that somewhere. I also worked on an application for a roleplay I'm involved in, Beyond the Rift, and that's been eating my brain. I've also been reading a lot more, which is good I guess.

Maybe I should try poking at THE AFTER ADVENTURES, or THE TEAM, because my brain's been really focused on HER I MUST FOLLOW and BURN THE DEVIL OUT recently. OUT has to wait until I get my computer back, because I fail at writing screenplays without proper formatting.

Mostly I'm just frustrated with myself. Rrrh.
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