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Woooooow. And then I proceed to not update for nearly six months. SORRY GUYS, not that anyone really follows this. More like sorry to myself, because posting here always gives me some kind of motivation to write and I've really been missing that.

So. In terms of updated things. I hit the 50,000 word mark for my NaNoWriMo, CIRCLING THE EDGE, but the story is kind of... resisting being finished. Possibly this is because the characterization overall is not as strong as I would like and it's more plot-driven, and I suck at plot. Oh well. I'll look back at it another time, perhaps. It's got a little bit of promise left in it, I think.

THE TEAM is stalled as well, for opposite reasons. I think it's going to end up being similar to THE AFTER ADVENTURES, with the whole apocalypse thing--more focusing on the apocalypse itself than the aftereffects, and obviously it's not going to be a children's story like THE AFTER ADVENTURES, but... clearly I need to go back to the plotting stages of that one. Both of them, actually. Oh JOY.

BURN THE DEVIL OUT is actually... okay. So I haven't touched it since like JUNE, but I read a portion of it for the coffeehouse thrown by the school's literary magazine (which I am one of the head editors for... yeah, I'm a nerd) and people really liked it so I've started kind of poking at it again. I forgot how much I really enjoyed that story, and how fun the characters were, and I can't wait to finish the first part so we can move into the second, which is one step closer to me being able to WRITE THE DEVIL. And I love the Devil in that story. So much.

HER I MUST FOLLOW might be permanently scrapped. I mean... I love the title, and I love Mat (the main character) but I have no idea what his story is. I just know that he's connected to the title. So it's kind of back to the drawing board on that one. Yeah. I have so much plotting to do over break.

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY I HAVE SUCH A BLOCK WHEN IT COMES TO THE ADVENTURES OF SIR SHAGSALOT. Seriously. I just... cannot seem to sit down and actually WRITE that thing. It's very very frustrating. Granted, I'm working through some backstory stuff for him, which is nice in understanding why he's such an asshole. Okay, not really. Whatever.

And finally, the work that is currently EATING MY BRAIN OH MY GOD is SMALL CRIMES, which is actually more like a collection of short stories about the same characters than anything else. But it's fulla sketch and I love it so much because it's so twisted.

All links for these stories (save OUT which... also needs to be reworked OH GOD SO MUCH REWORKING TO DOOOOO) can be found in my (very not shiny) profile. I will try to keep updating more often with things like revelations about characters, plot things, etc.